OD Morgan

OD Morgan

Dear Pastors and Friends,

May I introduce myself to you? I am O.D. Morgan and I have been in the Pastorate for over thirty-seven years. I recently pastored Calvary Baptist Church in Radford, VA and was there for over 15 years before retiring in 2013.

Being in the ministry I know what an important part music plays in our worship services. One of the finest and most unusual voices I have ever been priviledged to hear is that of Brother Jimmy Davis. He has blessed my heart and those in my congregation many times. His humble, sweet spirit added to his beautiful voice makes for a worshipful experience.

I highly recommend this dear brother to you (for preaching or singing) for your regular church services, evangelistic services or any special meeting you may be considering.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to me personally about this dear brother in Christ, please feel free to contact me by the information below.

In Christ,

O.D. Morgan, Pastor

  • 624 6th St, Radford, VA 24241
  • 540-639-0727