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Daddy, Carry Me

Daddy, Carry Me

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Glorify Him

Glorify Him

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Here I Am To Worship

Here I Am To Worship

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Still On The Rock

Still On The Rock

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I Found My Song

I Found My Song

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My Available Music

Glorify Him

  1. Praise Ye the Lord (Psa. 146)
  2. The Only Fire
  3. Glorify Him
  4. Little Mountain Church
  5. One Day I Will
  6. I'm Persuaded to Believe
  7. Child, Welcome Home
  8. Oh What A Saviour
  9. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
  10. Shepherd Boy
  11. Stand Up & Step Out
  12. God Has Been So Good To Me
  13. Touch of the Master's Hand
  14. Mercy Came Running
  15. Had It Not Been
  16. Meet The Lord


Still on the Rock

  1. I'm Still on the Rock
  2. He's My Everything
  3. I Will Sing Hallelujah
  4. Old Time Religion
  5. He Is Mine
  6. At the Top of the Hill
  7. I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb
  8. The Poet's Song
  9. I've Got So Much To Thank Him For
  10. All That Is In Me
  11. My Greatest Treasure
  12. Farther On
  13. Watch the Lamb


Here I am to Worship

  1. Here I Am To Worship
  2. He Is Risen
  3. For Loving Me
  4. God Leads Us Along
  5. My Jesus, I Love Thee
  6. It Doesn't Matter
  7. He Hideth My Soul
  8. I Still Believe
  9. My Testimony Song
  10. Wise Men Still Seek Him
  11. The Righteousness of Christ
  12. It Is Well
  13. He Knows My Name
  14. Someday My Ship Will Sail
  15. Light of that City 


Daddy, Carry Me

  1. I Will Depend On You
  2. Come Unto Me
  3. Give Me Jesus
  4. The Master's Hands
  5. Loved By You
  6. His Breath On My Face
  7. Father God
  8. The Blood
  9. If He Came Today
  10. Daddy, Carry Me
  11. He Is Risen
  12. Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Song 


I Found My Song

  1. His Blessings On Me
  2. Grace I'm Under
  3. Make Me A Child Again
  4. Song of Deliverance
  5. Deep In Love With You
  6. Isaiah's Vision
  7. He Comes to Me
  8. I Found My Song
  9. Holy Is His Name
  10. Servant's Song
  11. I Must Tell Somebody / Bartimaeus
  12. I Want to Know You More
  13. Before You Die